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Mhm, yummy yummy..

To celebrate her move to a new blog location Sugar and Spice is having a totes sweet giveaway..

go to it here 😉


It’s Raining, It’s Pouring(:

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Ah, As I type this it is HAILING outside.. It is barely September and it has already began to rain more than usual. I LUH-VE it! Oddly enough, rain makes me calm and happy, but sunshine doesn’t? ha. Weird.. It may because I love playing in the puddles, walking in the downpours, and drinking in the raindrops<3

But in other news, school, unfortunately, is back in session. Thankfully I like my classes and teachers for the most part.. In a down fall though to this junior year in high school.. I’m getting 3 ginormous books, and a packet just as large.. D: The classes are already demanding more of me than classes last year. In the three school days i’ve had so far I’ve got homework every night, including some that i’m avoiding right now..

School is taking away from my time to eat healthy.. & make a transition from lacto-ovo vegetarian to lacto-vegetarian, to full on vegan!

Some tips, recipes, or even silly jokes would sure be nice at this moment ..

MyNewJourney.. day one!

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Traveling into this, I’m a bit.. tenetive. This is my first blog, ever. Majorily, I’m just using my blog to post my goals, struggles, & any recipes I may come across that I enjoy.

My goal, (Well my main goal for the 2009 year.) :

Becoming healthier & enjoying my new(er) vegetarian lifestyle choice.

To Do this…

I’m on a mission to find the best tips and recipes for anyone who prefers to own a pet then to contribute to it’s murder. I’m looking to eventually go vegan, so many recipes may be vegan… Occasionally I’m share pictures of my adventures with these recipes, but as for now, I’m going to stick to trying simple recipes until comfortable.

First New Food Choices..

Frozen Banana soft serve type treat.

-1 banana (cut and frozen)

-Cinnamon (to taste / optional.)

Add frozen banana to food processor. Mix until consistent and smooth. *It’s best to stop and scrap sides occaisionally. Serve with cinnamon on top or fresh fruit. (: Simply delicious. !